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Here are some bug reports and feature requests I've reported to Python-related software


Python Documentation

Searching the Python documentation does not work in Chrome if you have a local copy of the HTML documentation installed.

This was reported in at least thrice to the Spinx project (which is the code that is generating the Python documentation), in issues #505, #723 and #782. #723 pointed to the source of the problem: In Webkit-based browsers same-origin-policy restriction applies to local files.

Since Spinx 0.x worked fine (the problem only occurs 1.0, 1.2 and 1.2), I've found a work-around based on the Sphinx 0.x code. This was discussed in pull request #58. For speed, we settled on code that first use the existing method, and if that fails, revert to the Sphinx 0.x method of doing things. The change was committed and is available in Sphinx 1.3 and up.