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I try to list the copyright for most pages.

External sources

Warning: Since this is a private archive of notes, some material comes from external sources. I tried to mark those pages as such. The copyright of those texts are not mine, and you will have to check with the original source for the policy.

In some cases, I may even be wrong to redistribute it like this. This wiki is still 95% just a collection of private notes, and that shows: not everything is intended for your viewing. Let me know if you see something I shouldn't have put up here, and I'll remove it if your claim seems valid.

Original material

Some sources are original by me. I try to distribute as much as possible under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Netherlands license. I do not object commercial use, and in fact most certainly encourage it, but you need to contact me first, in which case I'll gladly give permission. There may be legal issues which I like to protect you from.

I will always grant usage for usage on other wiki's (including Wikipedia), but again: you need to contact me to make sure there are no legal issues.


If it is not clear what the copyright is, or who owns it, please contact me.

Privacy Policy

There is no privacy policy.

The only thing that stops me from carefully decipher your identity by analysing your IP address and browsing behaviour on my site is that I have better things to do in my spare time. However, if I ever have too much time on my hands, be prepared that the trace you leave behind in the log files is scrutinized.

If you don't like it -- quickly, go somewhere else! (to Google, which keeps even more info, and actually uses it)


This is a website. It contains information. Use your own judgment about its value. If you are retarded, and do not understand that concept (e.g. you are a lawyer) and need precise and concise rules like disclaimers, provisionings, as-is statements and that kind of crap, then the following applies: you are not the intended audience, and are therefor not allowed to use this website.