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I try to list the copyright for most pages.

External sources

Warning: Since this is a private archive of notes, some material comes from external sources. I tried to mark those pages as such. The copyright are not mine, and you certainly can't redistribute or take it (in fact it may be dubious if you are allowed to view it).

Original material

Some sources are original by me. I try to distribute as much as possible under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 2.5 Netherlands license. I do not object commercial use, and in fact most certainly encoureage it, but you need to contact me first, in which case I'll gladly give permission. There may be legal issues which I like to protect you from.


If it is not clear what the copyright is, or who owns it, please contact me.


The disclaimer for this website is as follows: If you need a disclaimer, you're too much of a lawyer. Therefor, you suck and are not allowed to read this site. Normal people are of course free to browse around.