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Show as Status

A calendar appointment has a show-as property, which tells how the meeting occupies the calendar owner. I call this the "Show as" property, after the label given by Outlook and BusyCal.

The properties are:

  • Free – no appointment, available for booking
  • Working Elsewhere – not appointment, noting that you are present at a specific location
  • Tentative – optional meeting
  • Busy – busy with a meeting or other appointment
  • Away / Out of Office – unavailable, not working at that time

This is how show-as properties are shown in various programs:

Show-as status Outlook BusyCal
Free solid (available for other meetings) white (available for other meetings)
Working Elsewhere solid (unavailable for other meetings) dotted (available for other meetings)
Tentative dashed (unavailable for other meetings) dashed (available for other meetings)
Busy solid (unavailable for other meetings) solid (unavailable for other meetings)
Out of Office / Away solid (unavailable for other meetings) purple (unavailable for other meetings)

CalDAV busy properties

As far as I can see, the show-as status is distinct from the "TRANSP" or "STATUS" property as defined by the CalDAV standard (and it seems that the show-as property is not defined in CalDAV).

For completeness, CalDAV defines these properties:


  • opaque (default) – the meeting blocks the time in the calendar
  • transparent – it is transparent in the calendar, meaning that the time-slot is stil available for other appointments


  • confirmed (default)
  • tentative – the appointment is not yet accepted.
  • cancelled – the appointment is cancelled.

According to the standard, only OPAQUE appointments with confirmed status are "busy", and OPAQUE appointments with tentative status are "busy-tentative". All other appointments are "free" (thus the time-slot available for other appointments).