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Ethernet Frame Types

These numbers are used in the type header of Ethernet frames

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0x0800 IPv4
0x0806 ARP
0x809b AppleTalk
0x8100 802.1Q (VLAN tag)
0x8181 STP
0x86dd IPv6
0x8863 PPPoE
0x8864 PPPoE session
0x888e 802.1x (authentication)
0x88a8 802.1ad (Q-in-Q)
0x88cc 802.1ab (LLDP)
0x88e7 802.1ah (Mac-in-Mac)
0x8902 802.1ag Connectivity Fault Management
0x890d 802.11 data encapsulation
0x9000 Loop

Well known protocol numbers

These numbers are used in the protocol field in IPv4 headers, or the next-header field in IPv6 headers.

See also

17 UDP
33 DCCP, an alternative to TCP
41 IPv6 in IPv4
47 General Routing Encapsulation (GRE) (required for a PPTP VPN)
50 Encap Security Payload (ESP) (required for IPsec)
51 Authentication Header (AH) (required for IPsec)
58 IPv6-ICMP
115 L2TP, a VPN tunnel protocol
132 SCTP, an alternative to TCP
140 SHIM, a IPv6 multihoming protocol

Well known ports

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All ports use TCP only, unless explicitly mentioned.

20 FTP-data (insecure)
21 FTP (insecure)
22 SSH
23 Telnet (insecure)
43 whois (TCP only)
53 DNS (TCP + UDP)
67 DHCP & BOOTP server
68 DHCP & BOOTP client (yes, it is a bit odd that this is a fixed port)
69 TFTP (trivial FTP) (insecure)
80 Web
110 POP3 (insecure)
111 RPC (local only)
119 NNTP news
123 NTP time (UDP only)
143 IMAP (only secure if TLS is enabled)
161 SNMP (insecure)
369 portmap (local only)
389 LDAP (uses UDP first, TCP as backup option)
500 IKE key-negotiation for IPsec (UDP)
515 LDP (printer) (local only)
548 Apple File Sharing
587 SMTP submission
631 Internet Print Protocol (IPP) (local only)
636 LDAPS (LDAP over SSL)
873 Rsync (plain text) (TCP only)
1194 VPN tunnel for openvpn (UDP)
1214 Kazaa
1263 Some MSN file transfer things, it seems, but no documentation found
1503 MSN Application and Whiteboard Sharing (not used)
1503 T120 NetMeeting (not used)
1701 L2TP VPN (UDP)
1720 H323 NetMeeting (vulnerable to exploits)
1723 PPTP VPN (note: you should also open up protocol 47)
1863,443 MSN text (TCP both directions, also for clients)
2672 eDonkey (not used; see 4662 instead)
3306 MySQL (local only)
3389 Windows Remote Desktop (not used)
3740 Heartbeat protocol. Often used for SixXS tunnels. (UDP outbound)
3874 TIC (Tunnel Information & Control Protocol). Often used for SixXS tunnels. (TCP)
3889 MSN Remote Assistance (not used)
4662 aMule / eDonkey (TCP)
4665 aMule / eDonkey (UDP, optional)
4672 aMule / eDonkey (UDP, optional)
5000-5001 Yahoo Messenger Voice
5004-65535 RTP video (MSN)
5050 Yahoo Messenger
5060 SIP
5072 AYIYA (Anything In Anything) tunnel. Used for SixXS tunnel. (UDP)
5100 Yahoo Messenger Webcam (not used)
5190 AIM/iChat
5222 Jabber client
5269 Jabber server
5298 Rendezvous AIM Chat (local only)
5351 NAT Port Mapping Protocol (local only)
5352 DNS long-lived queries (unknown)
5353 Multicast DNS (local only)
5737 eDonkey (UDP) (not used)
5800 VNC webbrowser (not used)
5900 VNC (remote desktop) (TCP only)
6346-6347 GNUtella
6881-6999 BitTorrent
6891-6900 MSN file transfers
6970-6973 QuickTime streaming
7070  ?
8000-8001 Alternative HTTP (unofficial) (not used)
8080 Web alternative port
51200-51201  ?
51210  ?
 ? GoogleTalk
 ? X11

See also Config:Firewall and CopperJet 820 Firewall.