Sniff Network Traffic

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Sniffing Unencrypted Traffic

Command line:

tcpdump -i eth0



Sniffing HTTPS traffic

Initiate the connection yourself

openssl s_client -connect

Configure Wireshark to decrypt

This option requires the private key of the server you're connecting with.

(Check if wireshark is configured with GnuTLS: "wireshark -v" should list "with GnuTLS" and "with Gcrypt", otherwise, the option to add a private RSA key is not visible in the preferences)

If you prefer a command line alternative over wireshark, check out ssldump.

Use a proxy server

This option alters the certificate of the server, so your webbrowser be be configured to accept the new certificate.

(Charles is a paid application.)

Firefox extension

I expected a Firefox extension that could show the decrypted HTTPS traffic, but so far I have not found anything like this.

This article is unfinished.