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This article was written in November 2011, and last updated in July 2012. Given the volatile nature of this topic, expect that the content of this article is outdated after about two years time.

Mac OS X.7 (Lion) discontinued Front Row, a simple media player.

This is a list of alternatives for Front Row:

Mac OS Finder
While the Finder can browse (media) files, and launch players, it can not be navigated using a simple remote control.
Flexible media center. Support many skins
XBMC spin-off. Keeps a central database with all media, meaning it must first index this media before it can be played. Has a Mac-like interface
Another XBMC spin-off. Focussed on social media integration. Support for the Mac and PC version stopped in January 2012, the latest version is available, but not open source.

All alternatives are free, but have way too many features for my needs. To be precise, I want a media player that only plays media, but is not able to edit anything. E.g. I don't want it possible to add shares, change metadata, etc. So far, I have not found that.

My current favourites are Boxee on a Mac, or Media Player (part of aTV of Firecore) on an Apple TV.

MediaPortal is Windows only, MediaCentral is instable and outdated. iTheater, CenterStag