Kernel Modules

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Some often used commands to install, load, or unload kernel modules


Kernel modules are stored in /lib/modules, in a

List Currently Active Modules

To list currently loaded modules:


I do not know how to list all modules, but you can try:

find /lib/modules -name "*.ko"

Load a Module

To load the ixgbe module:

modprobe ixgbe

(Do not use the insmod tool)

Unload a Modules

rmmod ixgbe

Automatically Load a Modules at Startup

The Linux kernel can automatically load the required modules based on the hardware in the machine. It uses the PCI codes that PCI and other cards have, and match that to the driver (the driver modules contain metadata with lists the supported hardware).

If a module is not loaded after a reboot, make sure that Linux has an up-to-date list of drivers and supported hardware. To recreate the list, run:

depmod -qa

It this fails, force Linux to load the driver by appending it in the file: