Ethernet Standards

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Ethernet is an ubiquitous technology in computer networks. It was originally intended for use in local area networks (LANs), but is not also used in access networks (metropolitean area networks, MANs) and core networks (wide-area networks, WANs).

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Next Generation Ethernet

OAM (Operations, Administration, and Maintenance)

  • IEEE 802.1ag - Connectivity Fault Management (layer2 ping)
  • ITU-T Y.1731 - As 802.1ag, but including loss and delay

Access networks

  • IEEE 802.3ah - Ethernet in the First Mile
  • MEF 16

Replacements of Spanning Tree Protocol

  • IEEE 802.1aq Shortest Path Bridging

Provider-Customer Separation

  • IEEE 802.1ah Provider Backbone Bridging (MAC-in-MAC)