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It is possible to assign key mapping from the Apple remote control to keystrokes for MPlayer. It is also possible to make custom mappings from keystrokes to commands in MPlayer.

Mapping Remote Control Buttons to Keystrokes

The first, mapping buttons on the Apple remote control to keystrokes, is done with nitoTV in the settings menu. I have the following mapping.

Button Keystroke Effect in MPlayer
Up button (+) e Zoom in (panscan)
Down button (-) w Zoom out (panscan)
Left button (<) L Rewind 10 seconds
Hold left button (<<) Z Rewind 1 minute
Right button (>) R Forward 10 seconds
Hold right button (>>) U Forward 1 minute
Play/pause button p Pause / play

Note that you can have multiple keymaps. You can switch to the next keymap by keeping the menu button pressed down for a few seconds.

Since I was not able to map buttons to keystrokes like "delete", "up arrow", etc. in the settings menu, I had to resort to single characters. It took me a while to find one-key equivalents for all commands. The follow list is what I found.

e, w
zoom in, zoom out (panscan)
X, C
rewind, forward 10 minutes
Z, U
rewind, forward 1 minute
L, R
rewind, forward 10 seconds
switch subtitle language
switch audio language
stop playing and quit
z, x
adjust subtitle delay by -/+ 0.1 second
r, t
adjust subtitle position
-, +
adjust audio delay by -/+ 0.1 second
/, *
decrease, increase volume
0, 9
decrease, increase volume
<, >
backward, forward in playlist
[, ]
Decrease, increase current playback speed by 10%.
{, }
Halve/double current playback speed.
step frame (pauze and advance to the next frame)
y, g
Step backward, forward in the subtitle list.

Mapping Keystrokes to Actions in Mplayer

In case you want to have other actions for each keystroke, you need to edit the input.conf file.