Freek Dijkstra

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Physicist by education. Network specialist by profession. Amateur programmer by hobby.

Freek Dijkstra


The Netherlands

phone: +31 346 723232

mobile phone: +31 6 2416 3477

Work: SURFsara

Design Expert

Science Park 140

1098 XG Amsterdam

The Netherlands

phone: +31 6 4484 7459

About my name
Freek comes from Frederik whose origin Frede means peace. In Dutch ee is pronounced like /e/, so Freek rhymes with Lake. A US customers officers, after checking my passport, declared to his colleagues that "we have a freak in the house", and so there I was (no, he did not know I could listen in).
Dijkstra is a typical Dutch name. It origin comes from Dijk-ster-a, meaning Dike-er (Dike habitant).
E-mail (only valid this year in a futile attempt to stop some spam)
Marital status
Married to Caroline Mattheij, proud father of Lonneke Dijkstra (2009) and Jasper (2012).
Design Expert in the innovation team and Network expert in the Datacenter network team.
My career went from physics, to network research, to facilitating researchers by providing networks, to facilitating researchers in general. I did my PhD on multi-domain, multi-layer transport networks, but am currently mostly involved in allowing researchers to easily sharing dataallowing researchers to easily sharing data.
Computers (Mac OS X, Debian and FreeBSD), Board games, Comic books (Uncle Scrooge by Carl Barks or Keno Don Rosa in particular), Computer games, Trains (the real thing, not the toys). Previously dancing with Caroline. These days, spending time with my children.

If you like to get some more information about me, please consult one of the links bellow.

Exterior Memory
My external medial temporal lobe, a repository of notes and howtos I wrote on the topic of networks, computers, and the web.
How have I spent my life so far?
My résumé at LinkedIn. Only to view if you feel really bored.

Interactive Communication

If you like to interactive communicate with me, I suggest you to phone me. There are other options at your disposal as well:

SS7 (POTS)+31 346 723232Regular phone (I removed enum info, as no program seemed to use it)
Jabber (XMPP)macfreek@jabber.orgPreferred over proprietory protocols such as iMessage, AIM, Yahoo or previously MSN
ThreemaRB9J7546A secure alternative to WhatsApp
SkypemacfreeknlUsually off

I gladly receive signed or even encrypted mail. My PGP public key is D0EE 5BEA, with fingerprint 1062 DBF1 AFBE 51B6 A293 F7BA 5F14 E385 D0EE 5BEA. You can retrieve the key from most key servers. My previous PGP key B804CF07 is now superseded.

A little warning: the above screen names are not email addresses. In fact, by sending email to these or to, you will automatically be added to a spam black-list. So only use these screen names if you know what they mean.

Social Networks

If you once knew me, and got out of touch: nice to see you around. Feel free to drop me an e-mail. I appreciate it!

I'm not active on any of the social networks, though I have a few accounts, including LinkedIn. I've skipped on FaceBook, Hyves, Friendster, and MySpace. I rather maintain a list of friends myself instead of outsourcing friendships, thankyouverymuch, so I do not regularly maintain those pages and even have a light aversion against being called "friend" by people I don't know up close. That said, there are more kinds of relations, and I surely appreciate it if you take the time to get to know me better.


For my immediate family, have a look at

After her retirement, my mother is now proficient sculpter. Have a look at her Hennie's beelden website (Dutch).

It's a Cruel Crazy Beautiful World — CD title by Johnny Clegg & Savuka (South Africa, 1989)